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Screw Dryer

Screw conveyor is the use of dry heat kerosene mechanism to achieve the principle of water evaporation of heating the material in the water will evaporate.


Based on application, the high concentrated sludgeflow is pumped into the plate partitioned filter chamber by high pressure diaphragm pump, dewatered by high pressure and process solidified sludge cake and clear filtered water.

Moving Clothes Filter Press(Auto)

A Moving clothes type filter press is a breakthrough of general filter press. It is a highly efficient, compact, dewatering device for separating solids from liquid slurries in the form of compressed cake.


Belt press type polluted sludge dryer is a kind of solid-liquid separating technology that integrates modern science.

Dosing Unit

The kieselguhr dosing unit from Filter guarantees uniform mixing and precise
adjustment for dosing of the filter aid.

Food Beverages

Filter Press are pressure filter in which a filter package formed by filter plates and filter frames or chamber plates is installed in a stand between a “fixed cover” and a “loose cover”.

Depth Filter Sheets

The broad variety of available porosities allow for their use in wide range of applications. Porosity grades are available from coarse over fine to germ reducing and germ removing filtration (sterile filtration)

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